# Ethereum debug_traceBlockByNumber RPC method

Ethereum API method that replays the block that is already present in the database.


Learn how to deploy a node with the debug and trace API methods enabled.


  • quantity or tag — the integer block number, or the string with:
    • latest — the latest block that is to be validated. The Beacon Chain may reorg and the latest block can become orphaned.
    • earliest — the genesis block.
    • pending — the pending state and transactions block.


  • array — the block traces that have the following object shape (all return types are hexadecimal representations of their data type unless otherwise stated):
  • results — the trace object with:
    • calls — the array of transactions in the block with:
      • from — the address of the sender.
      • gas — the quantity of the gas provided for the call, encoded as hexadecimal.
      • gas used — the quantity of the gas used for the call, encoded as hexadecimal.
      • input — the call data.
      • output — the return data.
      • to — the address of the receiver. null if it is a contract creation transaction.
      • type — the type of the transaction, can be CALL or CREATE.
      • value — the amount of value for the transfer, encoded as hexadecimal.


  • web3.py
  • cURL
from web3 import Web3
web3 = Web3.HTTPProvider(node_url)

debug = web3.make_request('debug_traceBlockByNumber', ['0xF4031C', {'tracer': 'callTracer'}])