# Ethereum eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex RPC method

Ethereum API method that returns information about a transaction given a block number and a transaction's index position.


  • quantity or tag — the integer block number, or the string with:
    • latest — the latest block that is to be validated. The Beacon Chain may reorg and the latest block can become orphaned.
    • safe — the block that is equal to the tip of the chain and is very unlikely to be orphaned.
    • finalized — the block that is accepted by the two thirds of the Ethereum validators.
    • earliest — the genesis block.
    • pending — the pending state and transactions block.
  • quantity — a hex of the integer representing the position in the block.


  • object — the transaction response object , or null if no transaction is found:
    • hash — the hash of the transaction.
    • nonce — the number of transactions made by the sender before this one, encoded as hexadecimal.
    • blockHash — the hash of the block where this transaction was in. null if pending.
    • blockNumber — the block number where this transaction was in. null if pending.
    • transactionIndex — the integer of the transactions index position in the block. null if pending.
    • from — the address of the sender.
    • to — the address of the receiver. null when it is a contract creation transaction.
    • value — the value transferred in Wei, encoded as hexadecimal.
    • gasPrice — the gas price provided by the sender in Wei, encoded as hexadecimal.
    • gas — the gas provided by the sender, encoded as hexadecimal.
    • input — the data sent along with the transaction.
    • v — the standardized V field of the signature.
    • standardV — the standardized V field of the signature (0 or 1).
    • r — the R field of the signature.
    • raw — the raw transaction data.
    • publicKey — the public key of the signer.
    • chainId — the chain ID of the transaction, if any.



cURL needs a HEX String starting with 0x to identify the block if you want to use a hex integer block number as a parameter. For example, block number 14000000 will be 0xD59F80.

  • web3.js
  • web3.py
  • eth.rb
  • cURL
const Web3 = require("web3");
const node_url = "CHAINSTACK_NODE_URL";
const web3 = new Web3(node_url);
web3.eth.getTransactionFromBlock(14806883, 214, (err, block) => {