# eth/v1/beacon/states/{state_id}/validators RPC method

Ethereum consensus layer Beacon Chain API call that returns a filterable list of validators with their balance, status, and index. The information is returned for all indices or public key that match known validators. If an index or public key does not match any known validator, no information will be returned but this will not cause an error. There are no guarantees for the returned data in terms of ordering; both the index and public key are returned for each validator, and can be used to confirm for which inputs a response has been returned.


  • state_idstring — (required) the state identifier with:
    • head — the canonical head of the chain in the view of the node that you are sending the call to.
    • genesis — the genesis state of the chain.
    • justified — the slot in the current epoch that has received attestations (opens new window) from two thirds of the Ethereum validators.
    • finalized — the previously justified slot that is now in the epoch that is at least immediately previous to the current epoch.
    • slot — the slot number.
    • 0xstateRoot — the root hash for the global chain state after applying changes in the block (opens new window) that is in the slot.
  • idarray — either the hex encoded public key (any bytes48 with 0x prefix) or validator index.
  • statusarray — see Validator status specification (opens new window).


  • dataobject with:
    • indexstring — the index of the validator in the validator registry.
    • balancestring — the current validator balance in Gwei.
    • statusstring — the validator status per the specification (opens new window).
    • validatorobject with:
      • pubkeystring — the validator BLS public key, uniquely identifying the validator.
      • withdrawal_crendetialsstring — the root of withdrawal credentials.
      • effective_balancestring — the balance at stake in Gwei.
      • slashedstring — shows if the validator is slashed and no longer active.
      • activation_elgibility_epochstring — shows when criteria for activation were met.
      • activation_epochstring — the epoch when the validator activated. FAR_FUTURE_EPOCH if not activated.
      • exit_epochstring — the epoch when validator exited.
      • withdrawable_epochstring — shows when the validator can withdraw or transfer funds. FAR_FUTURE_EPOCH if not defined.


curl -X GET https://beacon-nd-123-456-789.p2pify.com/3c6e0b8a9c15224a8228b9a98ca1531d/eth/v1/beacon/states/head/validators?status=active