# getTokenLargestAccounts


This method is enabled for elastic Solana devnet nodes on US Ashburn (ash1) and Amsterdam (ams1) with a rate limit of 2 requests per second (RPS).

Solana API method that returns the 20 largest accounts of a particular SPL token type.


  • <string> — the public key of the NFT collection, as a base58 encoded string.
  • <object> — (optional) configuration object containing the following field:
    • commitment: <string> — (optional) commitment.


The result will be an RPC response JSON object with value equal to an array of JSON objects, which will contain:

  • address: <string> — the address of the token account.
  • amount: <string> — the raw token account balance without decimals, a string representation of u64.
  • decimals: <u8> — number of base 10 digits to the right of the decimal place.
  • uiAmount: <number|null> — the token account balance, using mint-prescribed decimals.
  • uiAmountString: <string> — the token account balance as a string, using mint-prescribed decimals.


  • Solana web3.js
  • Solana.py
  • cURL
import { Connection } from "@solana/web3.js"

const nodeUrl = "CHAINSTACK_NODE_URL"
const connect = new Connection(nodeUrl);

(async () => {
  const MINT_ADDRESS = new PublicKey("Duch2MmgCar9UGt76smK5HcJ7anBRa31uNZZvNJt3b5S");
  const connection = new Connection(nodeUrl);

  const accounts = connection.getTokenLargestAccounts(MINT_ADDRESS)
  console.log(await accounts)