# getTransaction

Solana API method that returns the transaction details for a confirmed transaction.


  • <string> — the transaction signature as a base58 encoded string.
    • <object> — (optional) the configuration object containing the following optional fields:
      • encoding: <string> — (optional) the encoding for each returned transaction, either json, jsonParsed, base58 (slow), base64. If the parameter is not provided, the default encoding is json. jsonParsed encoding attempts to use program-specific instruction parsers to return more human-readable and explicit data in the transaction.message.instructions list. If jsonParsed is requested, but a parser cannot be found, the instruction falls back to standard JSON encoding (accounts, data, and programIdIndex fields).
      • commitment: <string> — (optional) the commitment; processed is not supported. If the parameter is not provided, the default is finalized.
      • maxSupportedTransactionVersion: <number> — (optional) the max transaction version to return in responses. An error will be returned if the requested transaction is a higher version. Only legacy transactions will be returned if this parameter is omitted, and any versioned transaction will prompt the error.


The result will be an RPC response JSON object with value equal to one of the following:

  • <null> — if the transaction is not found or not confirmed.
  • <object> — if the transaction is confirmed, an object with the following fields:
    • slot: <u64> — the slot this transaction was processed in.
    • transaction: <object|[string,encoding]> — the transaction object, either in JSON format or encoded binary data, depending on encoding parameter.
    • blockTime: <i64 | null> — the estimated production time, as a Unix timestamp, seconds since the Unix epoch, of the transaction's processing. null if not available.


  • Solana web3.js
  • Solana.py
  • cURL
import { Connection } from "@solana/web3.js";

const nodeUrl = "CHAINSTACK_NODE_URL"
const connect = new Connection(nodeUrl);

(async () => {  
  console.log(await connect.getTransaction("2diYRKwieGhX4NECxXHXRMjE2Dnu7FBDiaQXtm5ZAhoJmPVfJ1VjeRnKeEuSvudN9vn7NvXReqQ7trUfzPSAAhSj"));