# logsSubscribe

Solana API method to subscribe to transaction logging.

# Solana.py

To use the Solana API subscriptions with the solana.py library, install the asyncstdlib package with:

pip install asyncstdlib

# cURL

To use the Solana API subscriptions with cURL, use the code example as a message body in a WebSocket request in Postman.


  • filter: <string>|<object> — the filter criteria for the logs to receive results by account type; currently supported:
    • all — subscribe to all transactions except for simple vote transactions.
    • allWithVotes — subscribe to all transactions including simple vote transactions.
    • { mentions: [ <string> ] } — subscribe to all transactions that mention the provided public key, as a base58 encoded string.
  • (optional) <object> — the configuration object containing the following optional fields:
    • (optional) commitment: <string> — the commitment.


  • <integer> — the subscription ID (needed to unsubscribe).


  • Solana web3.js
  • Solana.py
  • cURL
import { Connection } from "@solana/web3.js";

const web3 = new Connection("CHAINSTACK_HTTPS_URL", {
    wsEndpoint: "CHAINSTACK_WSS_URL",

(async () => {
    const publicKey = new PublicKey(

      (logs) => console.log("Updated account info: ", logs),