Deployment Options

Last updated 2 months ago

Currently, Chainstack provides the following deployment options for blockchain networks.

Public cloud

Launch or join a Fabric, MultiChain, or Quorum network on public cloud, namely, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. When deployed via Chainstack on a public cloud, your infrastructure is managed by Chainstack.

Apart from the various cloud options, Chainstack also offers various regional deployment options. If your IT infrastructure is already deployed on Google Cloud Platform in Singapore (e.g. asia-southeast1), then you might consider deploying your blockchain node in a similar region (if it’s already offered by Chainstack) or to a region and zone close to asia-southeast1.


In general, a hybrid deployment involves a combination of resources deployed on a private cloud (i.e. on-premises) and some others deployed on a public cloud.

Public cloud, no doubt, offers a great degree of flexibility in terms of scaling and a significantly richer ecosystem of compute and storage applications. But not all things may be moved to a public cloud. If you are an organization, which, for compliance or security and data privacy reasons is required to have a certain set of applications on its private cloud, then consider a hybrid deployment.

On Chainstack, in particular, with a hybrid deployment option, your node will be deployed on-premises but you can connect to the blockchain network of your choice on the public cloud.