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Blockchain Protocol

The blockchain protocol such as Fabric, Corda, MultiChain, Quorum, and Ethereum among several others.


Group of members that are part of a project; each member represents an organization.



Deployment of the node on a public cloud such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and DigitalOcean.


Deployment of a node on the company’s own infrastructure.


Depending on the blockchain protocol, a hybrid deployment could mean that some nodes of an organization are on-prem while others are on the public cloud.


An organization that is a participant in a project. An organization first creates a project and may then invite other organizations to participate in that project. For example, Wheels Inc, an auto manufacturer, could create a project called Parts-Tracking and invite Dreams Delivery, its logistics partner. Once Dreams Delivery accepts the invite, it can view the Parts-Tracking project and its constituent networks.


The actual blockchain network that comprises nodes.


Any computer that maintains a copy of the shared ledger.


In Chainstack, a project contains one or more blockchain networks related to a clearly defined business case. Creating a project is a prerequisite to creating a blockchain network. For example, an organization may have development and production blockchain networks related to a single business case such as parts tracking. In such a case, we recommend organizing both blockchain networks under one project called, for example, Parts Tracking.