ChatGPT plugins are an advancement in the sphere of AI interactions, acting as a bridge between ChatGPT and a diverse range of third-party applications. These plugins empower ChatGPT to interface with APIs designed by developers, thereby substantially expanding its functionalities and enabling it to execute a wide array of tasks.


The new Chainstack GPT

The Chainstack GPT is now available on ChatGPT using GPT4. Try it out here: Chainstack GPT

Natural language Web3 infrastructure management

The Chainstack ChatGPT plugin takes this a step further by providing seamless integration with the Web3 infrastructure workflow. This integration enables developers to manage their projects, establish networks, deploy or remove nodes, and even request funds directly through the Chainstack Faucet API, all within the ChatGPT environment. This not only enhances the capabilities of ChatGPT but also simplifies and streamlines the process of interacting with the Chainstack platform, offering a more efficient and intuitive user experience.

Install the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

To install the Chainstack plugin, simply search for Chainstack in the plugin store in ChatGPT.

What can the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin do?

The Chainstack plugin provides various functionalities to interact with different EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based blockchains. Below you can find a breakdown of its capabilities.

1. Querying blockchain data

  • Get the latest block number β€” retrieve the latest block number from the specified chain.
  • Get balance β€” fetch the balance of a given account at the latest block.
  • Get base gas fee β€” retrieve the base gas fee from an EVM chain.
  • Blockchain call β€” make a specific method call on a chosen protocol with user-specified parameters.
  • Get transaction summary β€” retrieve earliest and latest transactions, among other information, by address.

2. Conversion utilities

  • Hex to decimal β€” convert a hexadecimal value to a decimal value.
  • Decimal to hex β€” convert a decimal value to a hexadecimal value.
  • From wei β€” convert a wei value to an ether value.

3. ENS (Ethereum Name Service) resolution

  • ENS to address β€” resolve an ENS name to an Ethereum address.

4. Token and NFT management

  • Get token balances β€” retrieve token balances for a given chain name and wallet address.
  • Get NFTs β€” retrieve all NFTs for a given chain name and wallet address.
  • Get single NFT β€” retrieve a single NFT for a given chain name, wallet address, and token ID.

5. Retrieve docs information

  • Chainstack docs β€” scrape Chainstack docs for platform info and blockchain development guides.

How to use the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Once you have installed the plugin from the store, simply ask ChatGPT to interact with the Chainstack platform, the faucet, or a blockchain. The blockchains available out of the box are:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Polygon Mainnet
  • Avalanche Mainnet
  • Arbitrum Mainnet
  • Gnosis Chain Mainnet

You can also provide an endpoint for any EVM chain, and ChatGPT will use it.

Interaction examples

Here you can find some interaction examples and how you can leverage the power of ChatGPT with Chainstack and the blockchain.

Check accounts balance

You can ask for checking balances specifying accounts and blockchain. The plugin supports ENS as well.


User: What is the balance of jaredfromsubway.eth on Ethereum?

ChatGPT: The Ethereum balance for the ENS address jaredfromsubway.eth (resolved to 0xae2Fc483527B8EF99EB5D9B44875F005ba1FaE13) is 180.158912073898873256 ETH.

Blockchain calls

You can also ask for general blockchain calls. For example, retrieve a list of transactions in a block. ChatGPT will attempt to make conversions on its own, which are not always accurate.


User: Can you convert block 43184850 to hexadecimal and show me the transactions hashes of this block on Polygon? Please keep the transaction details flag off.

ChatGPT: The block number 43184850 in decimal is represented as 0x292f2d2 in hexadecimal. Here is the list of transaction hashes from that block on the Polygon network:




In this case, ChatGPT will first convert the value to hexadecimal, then call eth_getBlockByNumber with the correct parameters.

Check the chain ID for an endpoint


User: Can you check the chain ID using this endpoint? https://nd-123-456-789.p2pify.com/API_KEY

ChatGPT: The chain ID for the specified endpoint https://nd-123-456-789.p2pify.com/API_KEY is 0x1

Get the base gas fee


User: What is the base gas fee on Ethereum?

ChatGPT: The base gas fee on the Ethereum network is currently 38.28 Gwei.


Note that while ChatGPT is highly skilled at understanding requests and interacting with plugins, it is recommended to provide comprehensive prompts. If you encounter an error, feel free to ask again giving more details.

Try the Chainstack plugin

Head over to ChatGPT and install the Chainstack plugin from the OpenAI store.