Global elastic node

What is a global elastic node?

Global elastic node is a service providing a load-balanced node that routes requests to the closest available location for a specific protocol, based on the caller's location. This ensures efficient service access for users worldwide by routing requests in an optimized manner.

The main advantages of global elastic nodes are the following:

  • Enhanced load balancing — global elastic nodes include a large load balancer that can switch nodes if one fails or lags by more than 40 blocks, thus ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Reduced latency — by distributing traffic to the nearest endpoint, global elastic node reduces latency, leading to faster transactions and improved user experience.
  • Global reach — global elastic nodes can be accessed by anyone from any location in the world. They direct users to the endpoints nearest to their location, which maximizes the availability and responsiveness of services.
  • High availability — global elastic nodes are designed to have 99.95% availability. This ensures that your DApp continues to run with minimal interruptions.
  • Instant deployment — unlike regional elastic nodes, which take 3-6 minutes to deploy, global elastic node is ready in seconds. This leads to significant time savings.


At this stage, global elastic nodes are available for the following networks:

EthereumMainnet, Sepolia Testnet, Holešky Testnet
BNB Smart ChainMainnet, Testnet
BaseMainnet, Sepolia Testnet
ArbitrumMainnet, Sepolia Testnet
zkSync EraSepolia Testnet
OptimismMainnet, Sepolia Testnet
AuroraMainnet, Testnet
ScrollMainnet, Testnet
RoninMainnet, Saigon Testnet
StarknetMainnet, Sepolia Testnet

More networks are constantly added.