Protocols, for which global location available, can be deployed in one of two configurations:

  • Standard — a preset configuration which includes elastic node in full mode hosted in global location, i.e. global elastic node. It represents a geo-balanced node with lower latency, tailored for the primary use cases of Web3 developers but cannot support some enhanced features (e.g. access to all the historical states of a blockchain).
  • Advanced — a node with any combination of parameters available in Chainstack platform. You can deploy a node that will perfectly fit your needs.

When choosing a node in the standard configuration, you do not have to set up additional parameters. The node will be deployed in a couple of clicks. If you want to deploy a node in the advanced configuration, you must specify multiple parameters, for example: mode, type, client, etc.


Advanced options on paid plans

Dedicated nodes, archive nodes, debug & trace APIs are available starting from the Growth plan.