Manage your networks

  1. Select a public chain project and click Get started or Join network. If you don't have a project yet, create one.
  2. Under Blockchain protocol, select the protocol which network you want to join.
  3. Under Network, select the network you want to join. Click Next.
  4. If applicable, under Configuration, select Standard or Advanced. See Configurations.
  5. Under Type, select whether to run an elastic node or a dedicated node .
  6. Under Mode, select whether to run a full node or an archive node.
  7. If applicable, under Warp transactions, select whether you want to enable this feature for your node or not.
  8. If applicable, under Debug and trace APIs, select whether you want to enable this feature for your node or not.
  9. Under Hosting, select Chainstack or Private. See Supported hosting options.
    • For Chainstack hosting, select a cloud provider and a region.
    • For private hosting, select or add an integration. See Manage your organization integrations.


      Private hosting is not available for Solana and Oasis.

  10. If applicable, under Client, select a client you want to run your node on.
  11. Provide a node name. Click Next.
  12. Review your setup and click Join network.

View network status

You can view the node and network status in the Status column of your nodes list or your networks list. A network can be in one of the following states:

Network statusDescription
OKAt least one of the nodes is Running. Other nodes can be Stopped, Stopping, Starting, Pending, Maintenance.
WarningAt least one of the nodes is Failed or in Error.

Delete a network


To be able to delete a network, you must first delete all nodes associated with the network. See Delete a node.

To delete a network:

  1. Click your project.
  2. Click a network in the project.
  3. Click Edit > Delete.