This page lists all the supported networks that you can use to deploy your Chainstack nodes.

ProtocolMainnetTestnetTestnet faucet
EthereumMainnetSepolia testnet — a proof-of-stake public permissioned Ethereum testnet.

Goerli testnet — a proof-of-stake public Ethereum testnet.
PolygonMainnetMumbai TestnetTestnet Polygon faucet
BNB Smart ChainMainnetTestnet Testnet BNB faucet
AvalancheMainnetFuji TestnetTestnet AVAX faucet
ArbitrumArbitrum One mainnetArbitrum Goerli Testnet
Polygon zkEVMMainnetTestnet
OptimismOptimism Goerli Testnet
NEAR and AuroraMainnetTestnet — public NEAR testnetTestnet NEAR faucet
SolanaMainnetDevnet — public Solana sandbox networkSolana faucet
AptosMainnetTestnetAptos faucet
Oasis SapphireMainnetTestnet
Gnosis ChainMainnetChiado testnetGnosis Chain faucet
CronosMainnetTestnetCronos faucet
FilecoinCalibration Testnet — public stable Filecoin testnetCalibration faucet
FantomMainnetTestnetFantom faucet
StarknetMainnet — public Starknet mainnet. L2 to the Ethereum Mainnet.Testnet — public Starknet testnet. L2 to the Ethereum Goerli testnet.

Testnet2 — a less congested public Starknet testnet with improved performance for DApp developers. L2 to the Ethereum Goerli testnet.
Starknet faucet
HarmonyMainnetTestnetHarmony faucet
FuseMainnetSpark testnetFuse faucet
BitcoinMainnetTestnetOne of the Bitcoin faucets