Manage your Subgraphs

View your subgraph

In Subgraphs, you can view a list of all existing subgraphs and can filter the view using the Protocol drop-down list.

Click on a subgraph to open the subgraph details. The subgraph details include such information as the Owner, Creation date, Region, and Protocol. You can view the Metrics to check the number of requests made in the subgraph, view the subgraph Deployment command, and the Subgraph Query URLs.

Monitor your subgraph status

The status of a subgraph is displayed in the Status column of the Subgraphs list. The status will be one of the following:

  • Not deployed — this status is displayed when you create a subgraph in the console but not yet deployed a subgraph.
  • Deployed. Sync in progress — the subgraph is in the process of being deployed and is syncing data.
  • Up-to-date — the subgraph has been successfully deployed.
  • Failed — the subgraph deployment was unsuccessful.

When you click on a subgraph and open the subgraph details, you will see more information about the progress of the subgraph at the top of the page. If the subgraph status is Deployed. Sync in progress, you can view the percentage completion and the quantity of data that has synced. You can click Logs for real-time status information about the progress of the sync. By default, the Info filter is selected, but you can also filter the logs by Error, Warning, and Debug, and can click Load older logs to change the time frame of the logs displayed.

Delete a subgraph

To delete a subgraph, in the subgraph details page, click Delete and confirm by clicking Yes, I am sure. Your subgraph is deleted and you return to the Subgraphs section of the console.