Retrieve blob sidecar by root

The /eth/v1/beacon/blob_sidecars/{blob_sidecar_root} method retrieves information about a specific blob sidecar by its root. This endpoint is crucial for accessing detailed data contained within a blob sidecar, including its slot, epoch, and the root hash of the blob sidecar itself. It enables developers and users to programmatically interact with and analyze the data blobs associated with Ethereum's beacon chain, which is especially useful in the context of rollups and data-intensive operations.


You need the parent block root

Note that to get a non-blank response, you need to have the consensus layer block root of the block to which the rollup data blob was attached.


  1. Check the rollup data batches of a rollup. Example for Arbitrum.
  2. Get the L1 block (on Ethereum Mainnet) in which a batch is included.
  3. Call eth_getBlockByNumberon Ethereum Mainnet to get the block's parentBeaconBlockRoot value.
  4. Include the value in this blob sidecar call.


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  • blob_sidecar_root โ€” the root hash of the blob sidecar to retrieve information about. This is a hexadecimal string beginning with 0x. The blob sidecar root acts as a unique identifier for each blob sidecar, allowing for precise queries and interaction with the beacon chain's data layer.


The response is an object containing the following fields:

  • data โ€” a hexadecimal string representing the actual data contained within the blob sidecar. This field provides the raw data that rollups or other Ethereum layer 2 solutions have submitted for inclusion in a block.
  • slot โ€” an integer value indicating the slot number associated with the blob sidecar. The slot number helps contextualize the blob within the Ethereum protocol timeline.
  • epoch โ€” an integer value representing the epoch number related to the blob sidecar. This helps determine the blob's placement within the broader epoch-based structure of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • blob_sidecar_root โ€” a hexadecimal string that is the root hash of the blob sidecar, confirming the unique identifier used in the query.
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