Deprecation notice

Consortium networks have been deprecated. This guide is for historical reference.

This section outlines the fundamentals of and operations for Corda.

Learn what networks you can join or deploy, connect Corda Explorer to your node, install a CorDapp, and interact with the node and the installed CorDapps.


Chainstack supports joining the following Corda networks:

See Join a public network.

You can also deploy your own Corda network. See Deploy a consortium network.

Service nodes

A Corda network is deployed with the following service nodes:

Installing a CorDapp

You can install CorDapps on your nodes as a set of JAR files.

To install a CorDapp:

  1. On your node details page, click CorDapps.
  2. Click Install CorDapp.
  3. Upload the contract, workflow, or a combined JAR file of your CorDapp.
  4. Click Install.

Chainstack will reboot your node to complete the installation of your CorDapp.

Node explorer

The Corda Node Explorer is a standalone JavaFX application.

With the Corda Node Explorer, you can:

  • Find other nodes that are connected to the network.
  • View your node's vault and transaction data.
  • Execute cash transactions between parties on the network.

Download and run the Node Explorer

Download the Node Explorer for your operating system.

Connect to your node

In the Node Explorer UI, provide the RPC hostname and port, and your node credentials.

See View node access details.