eth_feeHistory | Optimism

Optimism API method eth_feeHistory retrieves historical gas fee data, providing insights into gas price trends and block utilization over time. This method is valuable for estimating transaction fees and understanding network congestion.


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  • blockCount โ€” the number of blocks to include in the history.
  • newestBlock โ€” the newest block (by number or one of the strings "earliest", "latest", or "pending") to include in the history.
  • rewardPercentiles โ€” an array of percentiles to calculate effective priority fees over the requested blocks.


  • result โ€” an object containing:
    • oldestBlock โ€” the oldest block number in the history.
    • baseFeePerGas โ€” an array of base fees per gas for each block.
    • gasUsedRatio โ€” an array of ratios of gas used to gas limit for each block.
    • reward โ€” an array of arrays containing the priority fees at the specified percentiles for each block.

Use case

The eth_feeHistory method is essential for:

  • Wallets and interfaces providing users with data-driven gas price suggestions.
  • Applications and services monitoring Optimism network congestion and optimizing transaction fee estimates.
  • Analysts studying Optimism gas fee trends and block space utilization.

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