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The getmininginfo method provides a variety of mining-related information from the node, such as the current number of blocks, the difficulty, the estimated network hash rate, and other important data for miners.


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  • None


  • result โ€” an object containing various pieces of mining-related information:

    • blocks โ€” the current number of blocks processed by the node.
    • difficulty โ€” the current difficulty target being used by the node.
    • networkhashps โ€” the estimated network hashes per second based on the last n blocks.
    • pooledtx โ€” the number of transactions in the mempool.
    • chain โ€” the current blockchain (e.g., "main", "test", "regtest").
  • error โ€” an object containing an error message if an error occurred, otherwise null.

  • id โ€” an integer representing the ID of the request.

Use case

The getmininginfo method is crucial for miners and mining pool operators to understand the current state of the network. It provides essential data for making decisions about mining difficulty adjustments and estimating the network's total hash rate.

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