eth_sendRawTransaction | Ronin

Ronin API method eth_sendRawTransaction is used to submit a pre-signed transaction to the network. This is typically used for transactions that have been signed offline or in a secure environment, allowing for the transaction to be broadcast without exposing private keys online.


Note that the interactive example in this page will not work, due to the fact that eth_sendRawTransaction is used to modify the state of the blockchain, it is not possible to duplicate the same request.


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  • string - The full, hex-encoded data of the signed transaction.


  • result - The transaction hash of the successfully submitted transaction.

Use case

The eth_sendRawTransaction method is crucial for securely interacting with the Ronin network, especially in scenarios where an extra layer of security is required. It's commonly used in wallet applications, automated trading systems, and other applications where transactions need to be prepared and signed before being broadcast to the network.

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