debug_traceTransaction | Ronin

The debug_traceTransaction method provides a detailed execution trace of a single transaction, identified by its hash. This trace includes step-by-step execution details, gas usage, and changes to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) state, offering deep insights into the transaction's execution process.


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  • transactionHash - The hash of the transaction to trace.


  • result - An object containing the detailed execution trace of the transaction. This includes information such as the gas used at each step, the operations performed, and any state changes that occurred as a result of the transaction's execution.

Use case

This method is invaluable for developers and auditors who need to analyze the behavior of transactions, debug smart contracts, or verify the correctness and efficiency of transaction execution. It provides a granular view of how a transaction interacts with the Ronin network and smart contracts, making it an essential tool for advanced Ronin development and security analysis.

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