getSignatureStatuses | Solana

Solana getSignatureStatuses method

The Solana getSignatureStatuses method returns the status of a list of signatures.

This method provides the status of each signature, which indicates whether the transaction was successfully processed, is still being processed, or resulted in an error. It is useful for tracking the status of transactions.


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  • signatures โ€” an array of signatures to retrieve the status for.
  • options โ€” (optional) additional options:
    • searchTransactionHistory โ€” whether to search the transaction history for the status of each signature.


  • value โ€” an array of signature status objects, each containing:
    • slot โ€” the slot in which the transaction was processed.
    • confirmations โ€” the number of confirmations for the transaction.
    • err โ€” whether the transaction resulted in an error.
    • status โ€” the status of the transaction.

Use case

A practical use case for getSignatureStatuses is to track the status of transactions. This can be useful for wallets or other applications that need to display or make use of this information.

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