getTokenAccountsByOwner | Solana

Solana getTokenAccountsByOwner Method

The Solana getTokenAccountsByOwner method retrieves a list of accounts owned by a specified wallet, filtered by their associated token.

This method is useful for identifying all accounts associated with a particular owner and a specific token, allowing for a comprehensive view of token distribution and ownership.


The interactive example fetches the GME tokens owned by an account on Solana mainnet.


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  • delegatePubkey β€” the base-58 encoded string representing the public key of the account delegate to query.
  • filters β€” a JSON object with one of the following fields:
    • mint β€” the base-58 encoded string of the specific token Mint to limit accounts to.
    • programId β€” the base-58 encoded string of the Token program that owns the accounts.
  • config (optional) β€” configuration object containing the following fields:
    • commitment (optional) β€” the level of commitment desired for the query.
    • minContextSlot (optional) β€” te minimum slot that the request can be evaluated at.
    • dataSlice (optional) β€” request a slice of the account's data, specifying length (number of bytes to return) and offset (byte offset from which to start reading).
    • encoding (optional) β€” the format of the returned account data. Possible values are base58, base64, base64+zstd, or jsonParsed.


  • value β€” an array of JSON objects, each containing:
    • pubkey β€” the account Pubkey as a base-58 encoded string.
    • accountβ€” a JSON object with subfields:
      • lamports β€” number of lamports assigned to this account, as a u64.
      • owner β€” base-58 encoded Pubkey of the program to which this account has been assigned.
      • data β€” token state data associated with the account as encoded binary data or in JSON format.
      • executable β€” boolean indicating if the account contains a program (and is strictly read-only).
      • rentEpoch β€” the epoch at which this account will next owe rent, as a u64.
      • size β€” the data size of the account.

Use Case

A practical use case for getTokenAccountsByOwner is for wallet interfaces or financial tracking applications to list all accounts associated with a particular owner and token type. This can be especially useful for assessing the distribution of tokens across different accounts and for transaction history analysis.

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