zks_getTransactionDetails | zkSync Era

zks_getTransactionDetails | zkSync Era

zkSync Era API method that returns detailed data from a specific transaction, identified by the transaction hash. This functionality is crucial for developers and users needing to retrieve comprehensive information about a transaction's lifecycle and status within the zkSync network.


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  • hash β€” a string representing the transaction hash (H256 format) for which details are requested.


The response is a JSON object containing key data points about the specified transaction:

  • ethCommitTxHash β€” the transaction hash of the commit phase on Ethereum, marking the transaction's initial recording.
  • ethExecuteTxHash β€” the transaction hash of the execute phase on Ethereum, indicating the transaction's execution or application.
  • ethProveTxHash β€” the Ethereum transaction hash for the proof phase, providing cryptographic proof of the transaction's correctness.
  • fee β€” the fee amount for the transaction, presented in hexadecimal format.
  • gasPerPubdata β€” the gas cost per byte of public data included in the transaction, in hexadecimal format.
  • initiatorAddress β€” the Ethereum address of the entity that initiated the transaction.
  • isL1Originated β€” a boolean flag indicating whether the transaction originated from the Layer 1 (Ethereum) network.
  • receivedAt β€” the timestamp indicating when the transaction was received on the Layer 2 (zkSync) network.
  • status β€” The current status of the transaction, which can be one of the following:
    • Pending: The transaction is in the mempool but has not yet been included in a block.
    • Included: The transaction has been included in a block, but the batch containing the block has not yet been committed to the Ethereum network.
    • Verified: The transaction has been included in a block and verified. Verification means the transaction has been committed, proven, and executed on the Ethereum L1 network, ensuring its finality and immutability.
    • Failed: The transaction is unverified or has failed due to various reasons such as insufficient balance, invalid parameters, or execution errors.

Use case

The zks_getTransactionDetails method is particularly useful for applications requiring real-time tracking and verifying transaction statuses. For example, a wallet application can use this method to provide users with up-to-date information on their transactions, including confirmation status, fee details, and the transaction's progression through the zkSync network.

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