zks_L1BatchNumber | zkSync Era

zkSync Era API method that returns the latest Layer 1 (L1) batch number. This method is crucial for developers who need to track the progress of batch processing on the zkSync network. Batches are groups of transactions processed together on L1 for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


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  • none


  • result — the latest L1 batch number, returned as a hexadecimal string. This number increments with each new batch processed on the L1 network, providing a sequential identifier that can be used to track processing progress and batch-related activities.


You can use the Chainstack EVM Swiss Army Knife to convert values.

Use case

For developers implementing monitoring tools or analytics for zkSync, zks_L1BatchNumber could be used to obtain the most recent batch number. This can be particularly useful for applications that need to display the current processing state of the zkSync network or to analyze transaction throughput over time.

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