eth_syncing | Optimism

Optimism API method eth_syncing checks if the node is currently syncing with the blockchain. It provides details about the sync progress if the node is syncing.


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  • none — This method does not require any parameters.


  • result — an object containing syncing details if the node is syncing; otherwise, false. The object includes:
    • startingBlock — the block number where the sync started.
    • currentBlock — the block number where the node is currently synced to.
    • highestBlock — the highest block number known in the chain that the node is syncing towards.

If the node is not syncing, the result will be false.

Use case

The eth_syncing method is useful for:

  • Monitoring tools and services that track the sync status of Optimism nodes.
  • Developers and users who want to check if a node is fully synced before making transactions or deploying contracts.

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