getblockfilter | Bitcoin

The getblockfilter method retrieves a BIP 157 content filter for a particular block.


Customization required

This method requires node node customization and will not work out of the box. Talk to us & we'll implement it.


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  • blockhash (required) — the hash of the block
  • filtertype (required) — the type of filter to retrieve, currently only basic is supported


  • result — an object containing the block filter with the following fields:
    • filter — the hex-encoded filter data
    • header — the hex-encoded filter header
  • error — an object containing an error message if an error occurred, otherwise null
  • id — an integer representing the ID of the request, used to match requests with responses

Use case

Block filters are used to efficiently determine if a block may contain transactions relevant to a particular wallet or light client without downloading the entire block. The getblockfilter method allows retrieving these filters for a specific block.

For example, a light wallet might use getblockfilter to check if it needs to download a particular block to search for wallet transactions, reducing bandwidth and processing requirements compared to downloading every block.

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