eth_getRawTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex | Optimism

Optimism API method eth_getRawTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex retrieves the raw transaction data as a hexadecimal string for a transaction in a specific block, identified by the block hash and the transaction's index position within that block. This method is useful for obtaining the complete transaction data, including its signature, without needing the transaction hash.


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  • blockHash — the hash of the block containing the transaction.
  • transactionIndex — the index position of the transaction in the block, specified as a hexadecimal. The example uses "0x1".


  • result — the raw transaction data as a hexadecimal string.

Use case

The eth_getRawTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex method is essential for:

  • Services that need to verify or inspect the complete transaction data and signature.
  • Wallets and exchanges that require the raw transaction for auditing or processing purposes.
  • Developers and tools that analyze transactions at a low level for security, performance, or other research purposes.

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