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Solana getTokenLargestAccounts Method

The getTokenLargestAccounts method is a useful RPC method in Solana that returns the 20 largest accounts for a specific SPL Token type.

This method offers a snapshot of the largest token holders, providing insights into the token's distribution and potential market dynamics. This can be particularly useful for developers, analysts, and investors looking to gauge the distribution of tokens in the Solana ecosystem.


The interactive example fetches the top 20 holders of the Jupiter token.


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  • Pubkey โ€” a base-58 encoded string that represents the public key of the token Mint to query.
  • Config (optional) โ€” an object to customize the query:
    • commitment (optional) โ€” specifies the level of commitment desired for the query, allowing users to choose the state the returned information represents.


  • address โ€” the base-58 encoded string of the token account address.
  • amount โ€” the token account balance represented as a string of u64, without considering the decimals.
  • decimals โ€” the number of base ten digits to the right of the decimal place, indicating the token's divisibility.
  • uiAmountString โ€” the token account balance as a string, adjusted for mint-prescribed decimals, providing a more understandable representation of the balance.

Use case

This method is particularly useful for portfolio management applications, market analysis tools, and blockchain explorers that aim to provide detailed insights into token distribution in Solana. By identifying the largest accounts, users can understand the potential influence of key holders on token price and liquidity.

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