prioritisetransaction | Bitcoin

The prioritisetransaction method is used to temporarily increase the priority of a transaction in the mempool, making it more likely to be included in a block. This can be useful for transactions that need to be confirmed more quickly.


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  • txid (required): The transaction ID of the transaction to prioritise.
  • priority delta (required): The amount by which to increase the transaction's priority. This is a relative increase, not an absolute number.
  • fee delta (required): The amount in satoshis by which to increase the transaction's fee. This can help the transaction get included in a block faster.


  • result — a boolean indicating whether the transaction priority was successfully increased.
  • error — an object containing an error message if an error occurred, otherwise null.
  • id — an integer representing the ID of the request.

Use case

The prioritisetransaction method is particularly useful in scenarios where a transaction has been submitted with a low fee, and the sender wishes to increase its chance of being included in the next block without resubmitting the transaction with a higher fee.

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