eth_estimateGas | Ronin

The eth_estimateGas method calculates the amount of gas required to execute a transaction. This estimation is done without sending the transaction to the network. It's important to note that the actual gas used by the transaction may differ from the estimate due to the dynamic nature of Ronin transactions and block inclusion.


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  • transaction: An object containing transaction fields, including:
    • from (optional): The address the transaction is sent from.
    • to: The address the transaction is directed to.
    • Additional fields such as value, data, and gasPrice can also be included for a more accurate estimate.
  • blockParameter (optional): A string representing the block number (in hexadecimal) or one of the strings "latest", "earliest", or "pending". This parameter determines the state against which the transaction is estimated.


  • result: The estimated amount of gas required to execute the transaction, returned as a hexadecimal number.

Use case

Estimating gas is crucial for interacting with the Ronin network as it helps users and applications determine the appropriate gas limit to specify for a transaction. This prevents transactions from running out of gas (and thus failing) or from overestimating and locking unnecessary amounts of ether for gas.

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