eth_call | Optimism

The example is a call to the poolinfo of the Gamma MasterChef contract.

Optimism API method eth_call executes a smart contract function call directly and returns the result without requiring a transaction or changing the state on the blockchain. This method is widely used for reading data from smart contracts.


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  • transactionObject — an object containing transaction parameters, including:
    • to — the address of the contract to call.
    • data — the call data, typically including the function signature and parameters.
  • blockParameter — a string specifying the block number (in hexadecimal) or one of the strings "earliest", "latest", or "pending", indicating the blockchain state to use for the call. Most commonly, "latest" is used.


  • result — the result of the call, encoded as a hexadecimal string. The format of the result depends on the function called.

Use case

The eth_call method is essential for:

  • DApps that need to retrieve state or compute derived values from smart contracts without making a transaction.
  • Wallets and interfaces that display contract information, such as token balances or the state of a decentralized finance (DeFi) contract.
  • Automated scripts and bots that monitor contract states or conditions on the blockchain.

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