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eth_estimateGas RPC Method

The eth_estimateGas method estimates the amount of gas required to execute a transaction. This is useful for understanding how much gas might be consumed by a transaction before actually sending it. The estimation is not always accurate but provides a good approximation.


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To use eth_estimateGas, send a POST request with a JSON RPC call in the body.


A single object containing:

  • from (string): (optional) The address the transaction is sent from.
  • to (string): The address the transaction is directed to.
  • gas (string): (optional) The gas limit provided by the sender.
  • gasPrice (string): (optional) The gas price for the transaction.
  • value (string): (optional) The value transferred for the transaction in Wei.
  • data (string): (optional) The data sent along with the transaction.


The method returns the estimated gas required as a hexadecimal number.

  • result (string): The estimated gas required for the transaction.

Use case

The eth_estimateGas method is essential for:

  • Developers to estimate transaction costs before sending them.
  • Wallets and interfaces that calculate transaction fees.
  • Optimizing smart contract interactions by understanding gas requirements.

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