zks_getBridgeContracts | zkSync Era

The zks_getBridgeContracts API method fetches the addresses of the default bridges between Layer 1 (Ethereum) and Layer 2 (zkSync). These bridges are pivotal for transferring ERC-20 tokens across layers, playing an essential role in the zkSync ecosystem by enabling efficient, secure, and low-cost asset transfers. This method is especially useful for developers and applications requiring integration with the default bridging mechanisms provided by zkSync.


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The response includes the addresses of the default bridge contracts for ERC-20 tokens between Layer 1 and Layer 2:

  • l1Erc20DefaultBridge — the default ERC-20 bridge contract address on Layer 1 (Ethereum). This contract is used for initiating transfers from Ethereum to zkSync.
  • l2Erc20DefaultBridge — the default ERC-20 bridge contract address on Layer 2 (zkSync).

Use Case

A wallet application integrating cross-layer transfer functionalities can use the zks_getBridgeContracts method to dynamically fetch the current default bridge contracts, ensuring that transactions are routed through the appropriate channels.

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