preciousblock | Bitcoin

The preciousblock method allows a node to mark a specific block as "precious," meaning the block is treated as if it were received earlier than other blocks with the same amount of work. This can influence the node's choice of the active chain, potentially causing a reorganization to prefer the chain that includes the precious block.


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  • block hash (required): The hash of the block to be marked as precious.


  • result — always null, indicating that the block has been successfully marked as precious.
  • error — an object containing an error message if an error occurred, otherwise null.
  • id — an integer representing the ID of the request.

Use case

The preciousblock method is useful in scenarios where a blockchain network participant wants to influence the chain selection process in favor of a particular branch that includes the specified block. This can be relevant in testing, or in situations where network conditions lead to competing chains.

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