eth_gasPrice | Optimism

Optimism API method eth_gasPrice retrieves the current gas price, which is crucial for executing transactions on the Optimism network. The gas price is determined by the demand for transaction processing and the supply of miners willing to process transactions.


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  • none — This method does not require any parameters.


  • result — the current gas price, encoded as a hexadecimal string. This value fluctuates based on network activity and miner demand.

Use case

The eth_gasPrice method is essential for:

  • Users and applications preparing to send transactions, enabling them to set an appropriate gas price to ensure timely transaction processing.
  • Wallets and interfaces that provide gas price suggestions to optimize for cost and confirmation time.
  • Developers and analysts monitoring the Optimism network's congestion and transaction costs.

Try the eth_gasPrice RPC method yourself

This method provides a straightforward way to access the current gas price, helping users and applications interact with the Optimism blockchain more effectively by estimating transaction costs accurately.

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