getClusterNodes | Solana

Solana getClusterNodes method

The Solana getClusterNodes method returns information about all the nodes participating in the cluster.

This method provides detailed information about each node, including its identity public key, gossip address, TPU address, version of Solana core software, and more. It is useful for getting a snapshot of the network's current state.


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This method does not require any parameters.


  • value โ€” an array of objects, each representing a node in the cluster. Each object includes:
    • pubkey โ€” the identity public key of the node.
    • gossip โ€” the gossip address of the node.
    • tpu โ€” the Transaction Processing Unit (TPU) address for the node.
    • rpc โ€” the JSON RPC web service address for the node.
    • version โ€” the version of Solana core software running on the node.

Use case

A practical use case for getClusterNodes is to get a snapshot of the network's current state. This can be useful for network monitoring tools or other applications that need to display or make use of this information.

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