Ethereum API Postman collection

Here you will have access to a Postman collection to test the Ethereum API methods using your Ethereum Chainstack endpoint.

What is Postman?

Postman is a popular collaboration platform for developers that simplifies the process of building, testing, and documenting APIs. It allows developers to send HTTP requests and receive responses in a user-friendly interface, making it easy to debug and test APIs.

This collection allows you to test Ethereum RPC methods using your Chainstack node conveniently.


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Get a Chainstack Ethereum endpoint

Follow these steps to sign up on Chainstack, deploy an Ethereum RPC node, and find your endpoint credentials:

  1. Sign up with Chainstack.
  2. Deploy a node.
  3. View node access and credentials.

Test Ethereum RPC methods in Postman

You can test your Ethereum Chainstack endpoint with the following Postman collection.

Run the collection

  1. Click Run in Postman.

    Run in Postman

  2. Click Fork collection and follow the steps to set it up in your environment.

  3. After the collection is set up, select a method to test, for example, eth_chainId.

  4. Hover over {{YOUR_CHAINSTACK_ENDPOINT}} and click Add new variable.

  5. Add your Chainstack node endpoint to the Value field, and select the collection as the Scope.

Now your Chainstack endpoint is available for every method. Edit the Body parameters if you need and send the request using the Send button.