eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex | Optimism

Optimism API method eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex retrieves information about a transaction by specifying the block hash and the transaction's index position within the block. This method is useful for fetching specific transactions when the block hash and index are known.


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  • blockHash — the hash of the block.
  • transactionIndex — the index position of the transaction in the block, specified as a hexadecimal. The example uses "0x1".


  • result — an object containing details about the transaction, including the block hash, block number, from address, gas used, gas price, hash, input data, nonce, to address, transaction index, value transferred, and the signature components (v, r, s).

Use case

The eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex method is essential for:

  • Applications that need to retrieve specific transactions from a known block for analysis or display.
  • Services that monitor blocks and transactions for security, compliance, or other operational reasons.
  • Tools that reconstruct transaction sequences within blocks for auditing or forensic purposes.

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