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What is the Gnosis Chain API

The Gnosis Chain, formerly known as xDai Chain, is a sidechain that aims to address the scaling challenges of the Ethereum blockchain. It is an EVM-based blockchain network that uses the xDAI stablecoin for transactions, which maintains a 1:1 value ratio with the DAI stablecoin. Gnosis Chain leverages faster block and epoch times for efficient transaction processing, minimizing network congestion.

Gnosis Chain provides a stable, lean, and high-performance network with cross-chain bridges for smooth interactions. It is designed for Web3 builders looking to develop scalable solutions and offers a familiar developer experience for those accustomed to Ethereum. Its EVM compatibility and cross-chain connections make it an ideal environment for building various applications.


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What is the Gnosis Beacon Chain API

The Gnosis Beacon Chain API allows developers to communicate with the Gnosis Chain consensus layer.

How to start using the Gnosis Beacon Chain API

To use the Gnosis Chain API, you need access to a Gnosis Chain RPC node.

Follow these steps to sign up on Chainstack, deploy a Gnosis Chain RPC node, and find your endpoint credentials:

  1. Sign up with Chainstack.
  2. Deploy a node.
  3. View node access and credentials.

Now you are ready to connect to the Gnosis Chain and use the Gnosis Chain API to build.


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