eth_unsubscribe | Polygon

Polygon API method that allows a client to unsubscribe from a specific subscription.

When a client subscribes to a particular event, the Polygon node will send updates as soon as they occur. However, in some cases, the client may no longer be interested in receiving updates for a particular event. The eth_unsubscribe method can be used to cancel the following subscriptions:


  • string β€” the ID of the subscription that you want to cancel


  • boolean β€” the boolean value indicating if the subscriptions were removed successfully. true if removed successfully, false if not.

eth_unsubscribe code examples


Note that subscriptions require a WebSocket connection and WebSocket cat for you to use this method in the console.

Install WebSocket cat with:

npm install -g wscat

# Wait for the connection to be established

Connected (press CTRL+C to quit)

> "jsonrpc":"2.0","id": 1, "method": "eth_unsubscribe", "params": ["0x7529626735859f32962b10b19ee2e3eb"]}
const WebSocket = require('ws');

const webSocket = new WebSocket('CHAINSTACK_WSS_URL');

async function removeSubscription() {
  const request = {
    id: 1,
    jsonrpc: '2.0',
    method: 'eth_unsubscribe',
    params: ['0x9de3135dd3dd6c6b99bd104061a5af4f'],

  const onOpen = (event) => {

  const onMessage = (event) => {
    const response = JSON.parse(;

  try {
    webSocket.addEventListener('open', onOpen);
    webSocket.addEventListener('message', onMessage);
  } catch (error) {


This will remove the subscription matching the ID passed as a parameter.