Subscribe to events


This method will not work in the interactive section as it receives a continuous stream of data.

You can test it using Postman:


  1. Click Run in Postman.
    Run in Postman

  2. Click Fork collection and follow the steps to set it up in your environment.

  3. Select Get Beacon Chain events.

  4. After the collection is set up, click Send.

Subscribe to the Beacon Chain events and receive a stream of the following data:

  • Event type (event: head): This specifies the type of event being streamed. In this case, it's a head event, which relates to the latest confirmed block on the Beacon Chain.
  • Data fields:
    • slot: The slot number at which this block was proposed. Slots are time periods during which a block can be proposed.
    • block: The hash of the block that has been accepted as the head of the chain.
    • state: The state root of the Ethereum network after processing this block.
    • epoch_transition: A boolean indicating whether or not this block involved a transition between epochs.
    • previous_duty_dependent_root and current_duty_dependent_root: These roots help in understanding the duties thatvalidators need to perform, which may vary from one epoch to another.
    • execution_optimistic: A boolean indicating the execution mode. If false, it means the block is fully validated; if true, it implies the block is processed in an optimistic mode, where certain validations might be pending.


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