Node configuration

The /eth/v1/config/spec method is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the current specification parameters of the Ethereum Beacon Chain. These parameters define the core rules and configurations that govern the behavior and operations of the network. Access to these specifications is crucial for developers and network participants for aligning their operations and understanding the fundamental mechanisms of the Beacon Chain.

Utilizing this method enables developers and network operators to ensure that their systems and applications are compliant with the current specifications of the Ethereum Beacon Chain, thereby maintaining compatibility and optimal performance.


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  • none


  • object — specification information.
    • spec_version — the version of the current Ethereum Beacon Chain specification. This helps clients and developers identify the set of rules and protocols they need to adhere to.
    • constants — a collection of the key constants used in the network's operation, such as the max number of validators, shard count, and other critical numerical values that define the network's structure and limits.
    • preset_base — indicates the base preset of the specifications, providing a foundational configuration upon which the network operates.
    • config_name — the name of the active configuration, which can be indicative of the network's operational phase or specific updates it has undergone.
    • forks — a list of all forks (both past and planned) included in the current specification, providing insight into the network's evolutionary path and future trajectory.

By providing detailed information about the specifications of the Ethereum Beacon Chain, the /eth/v1/config/spec method serves as an essential tool for anyone looking to interact with the network effectively and with full awareness of its operational guidelines.

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