Fork schedule

The /eth/v1/config/fork_schedule method offers information about the scheduled and historical forks of the Ethereum Beacon Chain. Forks in the context of blockchain represent significant updates or changes in the protocol, impacting how the network operates. This method provides vital details about these forks, including their timing and specific changes.

Developers and network participants can utilize this method to stay informed about past and upcoming forks, ensuring their systems remain compatible and up-to-date with the Ethereum Beacon Chain's evolving protocol.


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  • none


  • array — list of forks.
    • Each object in the array represents a fork, containing:
      • fork_name — the name of the fork, providing a unique identifier for each network upgrade or change.
      • epoch — the epoch number at which the fork occurred or is scheduled to occur. In the context of the Beacon Chain, an epoch is a specific period in time marked by a series of slots, where new blocks are proposed and validated.
      • fork_version — the version of the Ethereum protocol that was introduced or will be introduced with this fork.

Understanding these details allows users and developers to prepare for future changes and understand the historical context of the network's evolution.

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