Genesis data

The eth/v1/beacon/genesis method provides information about the genesis state of the Beacon Chain. The genesis state refers to the initial state of the chain at the time it was launched.

Developers can use this method to ensure they are interacting with the correct version of the Ethereum Beacon Chain and synchronize with the network.


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  • none


  • object — genesis information.
    • genesis_time — the UNIX timestamp of when the Beacon Chain's genesis event occurred. This is important because it marks the starting point of the Ethereum Beacon Chain network.
    • genesis_validators_root — the Merkle root of the initial set of validators at the time of the genesis event. Validators are participants in the PoS system that propose and attest to new blocks.
    • genesis_fork_version — the fork version of the Ethereum protocol active during the genesis event. This helps clients understand the version of the network they are interacting with.
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