Sync committee contribution


The interactive example will return Slot already finalized unless you edit the parameters.

The /eth/v1/validator/sync_committee_contribution method is an important API endpoint in the Ethereum Beacon Chain, focusing on the contributions of validators to the sync committee. The sync committee is a group of validators responsible for contributing to the data necessary for light clients to stay in sync with the Beacon Chain. This endpoint provides details about the contributions made by validators in the sync committee.


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  • none


  • object โ€” sync committee contribution information.
    • validator_index โ€” the index of the validator making the contribution. This identifies the specific validator within the Beacon Chain.
    • sync_committee_index โ€” the index of the sync committee to which the validator belongs. This indicates the validator's position and role within the committee.
    • contribution โ€” the actual contribution made by the validator. This includes:
      • slot: The slot number at which the contribution is targeted.
      • beacon_block_root: The root of the beacon block to which the contribution is related.
      • subcommittee_index: The subcommittee index within the sync committee, denoting the specific subgroup to which the contribution is made.
      • aggregation_bits: A bitfield representing the validators in the subcommittee that have contributed.
      • signature: The signature of the contributing validator, verifying the authenticity and commitment to the contribution.

The /eth/v1/validator/sync_committee_contribution method is vital for understanding the participation and contributions of validators in the sync committee. It plays a key role in ensuring that light clients can effectively and efficiently synchronize with the Beacon Chain, maintaining the overall health and scalability of the Ethereum network.

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