Blocks info | Polygon

The blocks info JSON RPC methods allow developers to access specific block details. A block in the Polygon blockchain contains various pieces of information, such as the block's transactions, the block, the timestamp of the block, the block height, the block header, and other.


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Retrieving block information from the Polygon blockchain can be done by using the following methods:

This information can be used to track the state of the blockchain and for:

  • Blockchain analysis — insights into the overall activity on the network, such as the number of processed transactions and average transaction fees, can be obtained.
  • Block explores — web-based tools that provide access to information on a blockchain, including block data, transactions, and addresses, allowing users to search, view, and analyze the network's activity.
  • Smart contract analysis — the activity of specific smart contracts
  • DApp development — block information can be utilized in the development of decentralized applications.