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BNB API method trace_get retrieves a specific trace from a transaction by its index. This method is useful for developers, auditors, and analysts examining a particular step or operation within a transaction's execution path. It allows for a focused analysis of a segment of the transaction's trace, providing detailed information about a single operation, including calls to other contracts, state changes, and execution outcomes.


  • transactionHash — The transaction hash from which you want to retrieve a trace, specified as a hexadecimal string.
  • traceIndex — An array of integers specifying the trace index to retrieve. The index reflects the order of operations within the transaction's execution path.


  • result — The trace data for the specified index within the transaction. This includes detailed information about the operation, such as the operation type, call data, value transferred, and the result of the operation. This focused trace can provide insights into specific actions taken by the transaction, including interactions with smart contracts and changes to the blockchain state.

Use case

The `trace_getThe method is invaluable for detailed transaction analysis, especially when investigating complex transactions involving multiple steps or interactions with various contracts. Developers can use it to debug specific operations within a transaction, auditors can employ it to verify the correctness and security of particular steps, and analysts might use it to study the behavior of contracts and transactions on a granular level.

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