BNB API method trace_replayBlockTransactions replays transactions in a specified block individually, returning the trace data for each transaction. This method is invaluable for developers, auditors, and analysts who wish to inspect the execution path of transactions within a block, including calls to other contracts, state changes, and execution outcomes, without affecting the live blockchain.


  • blockHash or blockNumber — The hash or number of the block whose transactions you want to replay, specified as:

    • Hexadecimal — for the block hash.
    • Hexadecimal or decimal number — for the block number.
  • traceTypes — An array of strings specifying the types of traces to return for each transaction, with options including:

    • vmTrace — virtual machine trace.
    • trace — standard trace.
    • stateDiff — state difference.


  • result — An array containing the trace data for each transaction in the specified block. Each item in the array represents the trace of a single transaction, detailing calls to contracts, value transfers, and other relevant state changes that occurred during its execution.

Use case

The trace_replayBlockTransactions method is particularly useful for conducting detailed analyses of block transactions. Developers can use it to debug contract interactions within a specific block, auditors can use it to verify the correctness and security of transactions, and analysts might use it to study transaction patterns or detect anomalies. This method provides a granular view of transaction execution, which is essential for understanding complex interactions on the blockchain.

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