debug_getModifiedAccountsByHash | Base

The debug_getModifiedAccountsByHash RPC method retrieves a list of accounts that were modified in a specific block, identified by the block's hash. This method is useful for developers and analysts who need to track changes to the state of accounts within a particular block for debugging or analytical purposes.


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To use debug_getModifiedAccountsByHash, you should send a POST request with a JSON RPC call in the body.


  • Block Hash (string): The hash of the block for which to retrieve the list of modified accounts.


The response will be an array of account addresses (as strings) that were modified in the specified block.

  • result (array): The addresses of the accounts modified in the specified block.

Use case

The debug_getModifiedAccountsByHash method is essential for:

  • Developers debugging contract interactions within specific blocks.
  • Analysts tracking state changes for forensic or audit purposes.
  • Tools and services monitoring the Base state for changes to specific accounts within a block.

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