eth_newBlockFilter | Base

Base API method eth_newBlockFilter creates a new filter object that notifies subscribers when a new block is added to the blockchain. This method is particularly useful for applications that need to stay updated with the latest blocks for processing or monitoring purposes.


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  • none — This method does not require any parameters.


  • result — the ID of the created filter. This ID is used to identify the filter in subsequent calls to methods like eth_getFilterChanges or eth_getFilterLogs to retrieve updates about new blocks.

Use case

The eth_newBlockFilter method is essential for:

  • Applications that perform actions triggered by the addition of new blocks, such as updating a user interface with the latest transactions or block information.
  • Services that monitor the blockchain for security or analytical purposes, needing real-time data on block additions.
  • Wallets and exchanges that track new blocks to confirm transactions.

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